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Road Safety

This Half Term Our PHSE has been learning about being safe. This included in the home, outside also on the road. We were lucky enough to have the Raod Safety Team to come and help our children out on the road. We all now know that we all need to Think, Stop , Look and Listen before we even think about crossing the road.

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY - Rainbow dress down day

We all came to school wearing our colourful clothes to help support World Menatal Health Day. We all gave £! to help this charity. We all looked amazing.

R.E - How we welcome new life.

We have been learning about how Christians welcome new life. We have talked about all the important things that a new baby needs such as: a cot, milk, blankets and hugs. We have also discuss the word Christening. We have researched Christenings and know that people would usually wear their best clothes and a baby that is being christened would wear a christening gown. We enjoyed learning about this so much that we even had a role play session, where the children acted out going to a Christening. We even had a pretend priest to bless the baby.

Science - Everyday Materials

We have continued to look at everyday materials, This week we have completed ma material hunt around the classroom. The materials that we found were then used for a sorting activity. The children worked out if the material was man made or natural, then they chose which part of the venn diagram their material fitted into.

DT - Reading Monsters

In Year2 we have thinking about reading at home. So we made these reading monsters to take home to encourage us to read at home. We needed to be very careful and listen hard to all the instruction. We only used coloured paper, scissors and glue. We made lots of tricky folds and the used scissors to cut out teeth and eyes. Have a look at our scary reading monsters.


We were so lucky to be able to have P.E with Gaz outside in the sun. Our focus this half term is balance. We all used beanbags to play a game of balance. We all needed to pretend we were a supr hero. Well Yr 2 did not need to pretend because each and everyone of them is a super hero. Well done Yr2 for a great P.E session.

Fun in the sun week one.

We were all so happy that we could time in the sun to have fun and get to know each other again.

Rules & Routines

In our first days we all looked at the class routines and rule. We thought of different things we could do to ensure we have a lovely calm and peaceful classroom. We thought about our school ethos and the show me five rule. We all thought it would be a good idea to have a reminderon the wall as they were bare after the summer break. We all made special hand pictures. We wrote the show me five rules on one hand and then we got creative with the second hand. Each hand is unique and beautiful, but together we are a master piece. Our class tree looks stunning,don't you think.