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Art Gallery Visit

Yr5 have had a great afternoon at Leeds Art Gallery. We explored an interesting installation by the artist Sonia Boyce and then we had a wonderful printing workshop. Within the hour we had created our own printing blocks and use them to print with some amazing results.

Science - Forces

We have been looking at air resistance and investigating whether the size of a parachute effects the time it takes to fall. Our predictions were mostly correct.


We were looking at violence within relationships. We discussed what make this happen and how we might try and change an outcome so that situations ended with a more peaceful outcome. We carefully used freezeframing to help us discuss how different people might be affected.

PE Cricket Lessons

We are working on our cricket skills this term with our new coach, Jordan. Sadly the great British weather did not play ball so we had to go in the hall but lots of fun was still had.

Scooter Training

We had the Leeds road safety team in today to teach us how to travel around by scooter safely.

School Council Voting

Today the whole school took to the polling station to cast their vote for this year's School Councilors. Congratulations to Krishiv and Lallana for being voted Class 5's representatives.

School Council Speeches

We have been writing our school council speeches and today we read them out to the class. They were very persuasive!