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Science - Circuits - Autumn 2, Week 4

This term, the children's topic in science is 'Electricity'. This week, I asked the children to create a simple circuit without any guidance! This was to see what they could remember from when they last focussed upon this topic in science! They did AMAZINGLY well and when faced with a challenge, they worked together to try to troubleshoot the problem in their circuit. Well done to all of Class Six!

Children in Needs - Autumn 2, Week 3

Today, the children all made a fantastic contribution to Children in Needs and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all families for their incredibly kind donations!rnrnOn top of that, we also had some INCREDIBLY generous contributions for Kevin Sinfield's 'Ultra 7' challenge for raising awareness of/money for MND in support of his good friend, Rob Burrows. THANK YOU TO ALL! The children enjoyes making banners to wave as he ran past school!

Autumn 2, Week 3 - Music

This term, the children are learning all about the cultural, social, and historical context of swing music. Embody the rhythms of swing music by dancing to audio examples. This week, they sand and danced along to 'Hey Mr Miller, ' and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as did all of the staff!).

Autumn 2, Week 1 - Bikeability Training

To start the half term, Class 6 completed their Bikeability training. These sessions are incredibly important as they give the children the confidence and the skills needed to cycle safely on our roads. We were amazed by all of the children's efforts: especially those who had never ridden a bike before (they were AMAZING!). The instructors were so impressed by the behaviour and attitude of all children and we are all very proud of them!

Autumn 1, Week 7 - Halloween Disco!

The children had a brilliant time at the Halloween Disco: the first one in a very long time! Their costumes were AMAZING and it was certainly not an easy job when it came to selecting the best costume! Well done to Eleanor and Max for their matching costumes!

Autmn 1, Week 7 - Science - Practical Investigation into the Theory of Natural Selection

Today, the children carried out an investigation to help prove that Darwin's theory of natural selection on the Galapagos Islands, is indeed true! The children studied the different finches that Darwin came across on the various islands and the different beak types they had. They found out that the finches could only survive on islands in which their beak enabled them to eat certain food types. In our investigation, we proved that finches with crushing beaks (see tweezer images) would be able to survive on islands that are rich in seeds but that finches with probing beaks (chopsticks) would not because of that fact that they could barely pick any seeds up with the chopsticks! This shows exactly how animals and plants can adapt to suit their environment in order to survive. Lots of learning in a very fun and creative way!

Herd Farm - Group 1 activities and whole group activities

We enjoyed relaxing in the Games Room (especially the Karaoke). Group 1 really challenged themselves with the Giant Swing, the Zipline and Puzzle palace! After orienteering, we all went on a Scavenger Hunt Walk in the woods to see how much we could spot.

Herd Farm Residential - The Camp Fire (ALL GROUPS)

The children enjoyed a camp fire as the day was drawing to a close. They scavenged for their own wood to light the fire and then built it together as a team. Once lit, the children all enjoyed tasting some giant marshmallows!

Herd Farm Residential - Mrs Barnett's and Mrs White's Group

The children had a fantastic time at the Herd Farm Residential! Here are collection of some of the challenges faced by every single child. We were amazed at the determination, resilience and positive shown by all when having to face such challenging activities. Mrs Barnett and Mrs White had a fantastic time and were incredibly proud of everyone.

Leeds United Primary Choices Spotlight Session - Autumn 1, Week 5

The children in Year 6 were invited to take part in a Leeds United workshop linked to all the potential risks/dangers when out and about in the local area. This workshop links fantastically to our current PSHE unit (Managing Risk and Keeping Safe) and so for this reason, the children's knowledge was incredible! They discussed/explored what anti-social behaviour is, potentials risks of posting images to social media, risks/repercussions of carrying a knife and many more important topics! We were so impressed with the engagement level of all children (especially when answering questions and during role play activities). Wee done Class Six!

Autumn 2, Week 3 - Music

This term, the children are learning about the cultural, social, and historical context of swing music. This week, they embodied the rhythms of swing music by dancing to audio examples and singing along to 'Hey Mr Miller,' which they thoroughly enjoyed (as did all of the staff!).

Autumn 1, Week 4 - Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Year Six children enjoyed their time at the Macmillan Coffee Morning. The children (and families!) were incredibly generous and brought in so many fantastic cakes and buns to help raise money for such an important cause. Our newly elected Student Council also helped to set up the sale and were an incredibly helpful support today! Thank you to every one for all of your kind donations. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Autumn 1, Week 4 - Science - Adaptation

This term, the children's topic in science is Evolution and Inheritance. In today's lesson, the children explored some of the ways in which animals can adapt in order to survive and then continue to breed and pass on characteristics to their offspring. By placing white and newspaper print squares on both a white and a newspaper background, the children were tasked with being a ‘predator’ one at a time (within groups). They then had a pair of tweezers which they had to use to pick up as many pieces of paper as they could in fifteen seconds from each background! We found that more children picked up newspaper print squares from the white background and on the newspaper background, more children collected white squares. Having discussed results and discrepancies (difficult to pick up the newspaper!), we then linked this to camouflage and how animals do this in order to survive! Our eyes were drawn to the colour that we could see the most!

Autumn 1, Week 3 - Student Council Voting

This week, the children read out their speeches that they wrote to encourage their class mates to vote for them to be a member of the Student Council, representing Year Six. At the end of the week, the children voted under strict voting conditions and then the successful candidates were announced! Congratulations to Francesca, Grace, Max C and Max G! We are all certain that you will all be fantastic!