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Cutting Skills

In nursery we have been focusing on developing cutting skills. Using scissors effectively can be lots of fun and all of the children are developing their fine motor control. Cutting carefully requires concentration and good hand eye coordination .

Knowledge and Understanding - Computing

This half term we have been using the interactive whiteboard to make pictures. We have used the paint brush effect and changed the colours when needed. Have a look at some of our beautiful art work.

Peace Week

We started peace week by wearing odd socks. We talked about the reason for doing this and afterwards we all coloured a pair of odd socks to hang up on our washing line. During the week we read the story of Rainbow fish and we each decorated a fish scale and wrote a message of kindness. At the end of the week we celebrated Children in Need with coming dressed up for the day. Some children entered a raffle and even won a prize!

Physical Development - PE

Once we have mastered different standing and floor shapes, we have put this together to a piece of music. In small groups we have taken it in turns to show our different moves to the class.

Physical Development - PE

This half term in PE (on Wednesdays) we are looking at 'Dance' with Gaz, who comes to help us with this. We have been completing standing and floor shapes.

Skipping Morning

Here are some of the videos which show us having a wonderful time.

Skipping Morning

The whole school enjoyed a skipping day and Early Years had the opportunity to take part in the activity. We met a lovely lady who told us a story about going on a train. We were going to be running through tunnels -under the rope as well as jumping over the rope. We all had such a wonderful time.


Some of our lovely singing we have taken part in this first half term.

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Our music teacher is the lovely Miss Rivers. She has shown us how to use our hands to show a beat and and how to be careful with the selection of different musical instruments we have used this half term. We have been listening carefully to the beat within a tune and we are beginning to learn a variety of different songs.

Stay and Play

We had our first Stay and Play session in a long time. It was wonderful to see so many adults coming along to enjoy the session. As Autumn is now in 'full swing' the children (and adults) enjoyed leave printing and making some beautiful transient art pictures, alongside many more enjoyable activities. If you were not able to attend this session, then why not come to our next one, which will be held on a different day and a different time.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Early Years were invited to attend the whole school coffee morning. Buns were on sale to help support the brilliant work Macmillan nurses offer. All the children enjoyed lining up and purchasing their favourite bun before sitting down at a table and enjoying the delights. Some of the children were even lucky enough to have an adult attend.

Trip to local shops.

At the start of the year all Early Years were able to walk to the local shops to purchase ingredients for making dough. We looked and listened carefully as we crossed the roads and noticed a variety of landmarks local to our area. Some children talked about their previous experience at a nursery, whilst others spoke about using the petrol station to buy fuel for the family car. At the shop the children had opportunity to push trolleys and look for the specific ingredients needed to make dough. Afterwards they packed and carried the shopping back to school.

Making Dough

After our shopping trip the children came back to make their own dough. Some children remembered the correct amount of ingredients needed. With discussion, co-operation and agreement the children chose which colour of dough they wanted.

Settling in

Early years have been settling in and having lots of fun as they explore our continuous provision. They have had lots of opportunities to build relationships with staff and make friends with the other children as they get to know our environment and become familiar with our routines and expectations.


In nursery we’ve been starting to notice the onset of autumn and have begun to harvest the various different fruits and vegetable that we have been growing around our school. The children showed great excitement as they discovered pumpkins and tomatoes hiding amongst the tangle of leaves at the bottom of the playground. They reached up high as they were helped to pick pears and apples from the trees and were very impressed with the beans, strawberries and potatoes that they observed growing on the plants that we planted in the spring.

Tuning in to sounds, meeting school staff

In the first few weeks Reception Class made a pair of listening ears to help them tune into sounds within the environment. The children moved around the school getting to know different areas of the building and grounds and meeting a selection of staff.

Autumn treasures

The children have noticed that now the summer is behind us and autumn has arrived the weather is starting to change and the wind is blowing lots of treasures from our trees. The children have been excited to find conkers and various other seeds in the park and have brought them into school for us to share. We have also noticed leaves changing colour and floating to the ground. The treasures that we have gathered have provided us with many different learning opportunities. We have been singing number songs about leaves and conkers, learning poems, printing with leaves and sorting them.

Pumpkin Soup

We have been reading a story called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper in Early Years. It has provided us with lots of opportunities for discussion particularly around sharing, taking turns and friendships which has been one of our focuses for our personal, social and emotional development this half term. It has also fitted in really well with our theme of autumn and harvesting. The children were very excited by the many seeds that they discovered inside the pumpkin when we cut it in half. They were very keen to tell me how many seeds they had collected on their spoons demonstrating their well established subitizing skills to 3. We decided to wash them and keep them until spring next year when we will plant them in the hope of growing more pumpkins for next year. Both Reception and nursery showed us how skillfully they could use a knife to chop the pumpkin in order to make it into soup just like squirrel, duck and cat in our story. I have to say however, our children were much better at sharing and taking turns than the characters in our story. Finally we got to taste our soup whilst listening to another retelling our story. The children had mixed feelings when tasting our pumpkins soup but lots of them ate it all up and described it as yummy and delicious!