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A Visit to Stanningley Park

The children in Early Years have been to the park to observe the changes in the leaves now that autumn has arrived. We noticed that the leaves are now falling from the trees and that although they were green in the summer they are now changing colour. We collected lots of leaves and talked about their different shapes, sizes and colours. Red, orange, yellow and brown! Reception class had the opportunity to walk further around the park and explore the different areas such as the bowling green and rose gerden - even meeting a gardener on our way who explained all about their job. After that we practiced our balancing and climbing skills on the playground.

Shopping for playdough ingredients

We love to make our own playdough in Early Years and there was lots of learning to be had when we went out shopping for the ingredients to make our dough. We learnt how to cross the roads safely, observed the diggers that were being used to dig up the road and looked at lots of signs along the way. There was lots of conversation about all the things that we saw. On the journey back we also learnt the name of our school.

Settling in (Playdough)

After making our own playdough we have enjoyed squeezing, squashing, rolling and manipulating it into many different shapes and forms.

Making Playdough

Pouring, stirring, measuring, turn taking, waiting patiently and following instructions! So many different skills to be learnt when we make our own playdough. A great way to develop our vocabulary too! Soft, powdery, runny, liquid, flour, salt, mix, stir, gloopy, pour, solid are some of the words that we use as we work together to combine the ingredients to make our dough. and talk about the changes that happen when we mix the ingredients together and cook them in the microwave.

Settling in (Outdoors)

All the children have been settling into Early Years life. Exploring the outdoor area has been fun from playing in the mud kitchen, building large structures to enjoying making new friends.