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Maia Musical Workshop

Today the whole school had the opportunity to take part in an interactive concert held by the folk band Maia. The musicians bought in many instruments including a full drum kit, banjo, guitar and double bass!! Year one children had the opportunity to learn about the instruments and to take part in their performances with singing, dancing and rhythms.

Church Visit

Today the children visited St Thomas’ Church to learn all about the celebrations that take place there. The children learnt how the font is used in baptism. They looked at the ointment and the water used. The children went on to learn about weddings, having the opportunity to look at the register used. Finally the children learnt about funerals and how the coffin would be placed on the alter while loved ones celebrated their life. As the children learnt about the celebrations, they collected stickers in their book to show their learning. To finish off our wonderful trip, the children all had the opportunity to play the church organ. We were lucky enough to be able to sing along to ‘Give Me Joy In My Heart’ while Noah played for us!

Science Seasons

Today we went on our Autumn walk in school. In science we learn about how each season is different and today we began looking at Autumn. We collected Autumn treasures and looked at what happened to the trees and weather in this season. We learnt the days are shorter, it is darker for longer and most of the trees start to loose their leaves. We found lots of leaves that had started to turn black as they were dying. After we started our season book which we will add to throughout the year.

Senses Science Experiment

This week the children have been testing their senses. We completed a mini experiment to test our smell, taste, touch hearing and looking. The children identified which body part they thought was associated with each sense. After the tests we revisited this to see if we were right. The children matched items to adjectives to describe their touch and they blind tasted sweet, salty and sour tastes to test their taste. The children played Kim's game to see how good their sight was and we spoke very quietly to test our hearing. We also had a class competition to see who could make the smelliest sock - which Mrs Brier and Callum from year 2 were lucky enough to judge this.

Mental Health Day 8.10.21

Today was mental health awareness day. The children all looked amazing in their rainbow outfits – thank you for all your contributions. This is such an important issue, especially considering all that people have been forced to deal with over the last few years. Today in class we thought carefully about the voices or thoughts we might hear in our head. We learn how these are normal and everyone has thoughts. Sometimes some thoughts can be useful and others not. We used the film ‘Inside Out’ to explain this. We looked at the different characters and how they conveyed different emotions. We had lots of thought bubbles that we enjoyed popping!! We read the thoughts and looked at which character would be helpful in sorting that problem and which would not be! The children were so mature and sensible. We also learnt about what we can do if we have a problem. In PSHE we have been learning about our ‘trusted adults’ who we can talk to. We looked at how emotions can build up and result in an explosion … we used a fizzy bottle of pop, which we shook every time we added in another emotion. In the end, the bottle exploded when we opened it, just like our emotions can do! We talked about what we have in place at school to help us. Specifically, in our classroom we have our worry box and our emotional register.

Road Safety

This week we have been visited by the Road Safety team. The children really enjoyed discussing road safety with ‘Amazing Amber’ as well as giving her instruction to cross the road. The children learnt the road safety code THINK, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK. We were very impressed with how the children listened so we reached the top of our class treat yesterday and so the children enjoyed some extra time on the trim-trail outside. Well done everyone.

Maths - Number Work

The children have enjoyed using the different resources in the classroom to show us what they know. They are able to choose their own resources and we are encouraging them to explain 'how they know'. We use lots of visual representations of numbers like tens frames to count an amount quickly.

Science - Our Bodies

In science we have started thinking about our topic, our bodies. We began by labelling Reuben's body parts as a class. Reuben was fabulous and stayed so still while the children added their labels. After, we broke into groups and took turns labelling each other. The children were fabulous at identifying and trying to spell the different body parts.

Our First Full Week in Year 1

The children have settled really well into their new environment and they are quickly learning their new routines. It is lovely to see them accessing all the provision inside and outside the classroom.