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WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW - MESSAGE FROM LEEDS CITY COUNCIL EDUCATION SAFEGUARDING TEAM,  Please see Parents section, 'Keeping Kids Safe' for the up to date information regards - 'Squid Game'. Please can we ask you to keep your contact details up to date by ringing the school office. Thank You.

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Three musicians joined us for the a fabulous afternoon of music making. We sang, made rhythms, played instruments and had a wonderful time!


Our Science unit for this half term is Electricity. We are learning how to create a circuit with batteries, wire and bulbs so that the bulb lights up. We are then investigating what happens to the bulb when we change the circuit.


On Tuesday 21st September 2021, a team of 8 Y4 boys were able to attend a Cross Country training competition at Leeds West Academy. The boys did a great job and showed real Stanningley team spirit.

Y4 PE (GOALBALL) - AUTUMN 1 - 20/09/2021

Today, Mr Anderson our Primary Sports Coordinator, introduced Class 4 to Goalball. Goalball is a unique Paralympic team sport for visually impaired players. However, in the UK, anyone can play as everyone wears eyeshades. Instead of using sight, you listen for the audible ball and feel for the tactile court. It's great fun! Goalball is a 3 v 3 sport and is typically adapted for a school environment using benches and mats in place of the goals and tactile court used at the Paralympics. There are vital non-playing roles required in goalball including goal judges, officials, timekeepers, and scorekeepers.

Y4 CLASSROOM RULES - AUTUMN 1 - 08/09/2021
Class 4 made a fantastic start to the new academic year. One of the first tasks of the new term was to work together in order to decide upon the classroom rules. At the end of the activity, the children used the 'Diamond 9' formation to prioritise their rules. We are looking forward to a very successful year in Class 4.