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Bradford City Reading Bears - Autumn 2

Some children have been working on their reading with our Sports Coach, Gaz from Bradford City! They practise their reading by reading aloud to one of Gaz's bears. Gaz is incredibly proud of the whole group and several children have already been awarded medals and certificates.

Children in Need - 18.11.22 - Autumn 2

The children in Class 4 supported Children in need by dressing in non-uniform. They wore bright colours or spots and donated £1.

Poppy Making - 11.11.22

Year four created some origami poppies for Rememberance Day.

Science - Electricity - 8.11.22 - Autumn 2

Year 4 are learning about electricity and we made a circuit. We used wires, bulbs and batteries to create our circuits and we added more batteries to see what would happen.

UK Parliament Session - 7.11.22 - Autumn 1

Y4 attended a UK Parliament Online session. They learnt about the work and role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They looked at the difference between UK Parliament and Government, the work of MPs and members of the House of Lords, how laws are made and how they can get their voices heard.

Halloween Disco - Autumn 1

Lots of us dressed up and enjoyed our night at the Halloween Disco.

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Autumn 1

We joined in the fun of the Macmillan Coffee Morning - choosing and enjoying a delicious bun!

Cricket With Jamie - Autumn 1
Road Safety - Autumn 1 - 13.10.22

On 13th October, the children in class 4 completed pedestrian crossing skills training. The training was carried out by the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team and involved identifying safer places to cross and practical road crossing skills. In class the children discussed the Green Cross Code. THINK, STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN.

P.E with Gaz - Autumn 1

During P.E, Class 4 took turns to practice moving around a grid with several different types of equipment. Also, we used different footwork patterns to move through the equipment.

Science - Autumn 1

During Science, we have been looking at Vibration.

Art - Autumn 1 -

In preparation for our work on Matisse, we worked on collage using the same bright colours that Matisse liked to use.

School Council - Autumn 1

We voted for our school councilors after listening to all the excellent speeches made by the councilors.