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Working in collaboration with real PE, the Physical Education programme at Stanningley Primary School is so much more than teaching physical skills and sports.

It is also about helping pupils understand their body (Health and Fitness) and the development of the whole child through PE, covering Physical, Personal, Social and Creative skills and how to apply them and transfer them to different life situations.

At Stanningley Primary School we have adopted a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all pupils… ‘The knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.’ The curriculum provides opportunities for the pupils to meet both the physical and personal development outcomes.

Personal Development

‘The curriculum and the school’s wider work support pupils to develop resilience, confidence and independence and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, helping them to know how to keep physically and mentally healthy.’

Behaviours & Attitudes

‘We believe that the pupils at Stanningley Primary School consistently have highly positive attitudes...’
‘They are committed to their learning, know how to study effectively, are resilient to setbacks and take pride in their achievements.’

"The drive to ensure that all pupils are physically active through a diverse range of events and opportunities. PE, physical activity and school sport are an integral part of Stanningley Primary School. The PE lead shows great passion and determination to ensure that opportunities to be active and to participate are available to all. The REAL PE scheme is used effectively to develop and apply knowledge and skills progressively across year groups. A sports coach works across school to deliver lessons and clubs and is a great role model for the pupils. A wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs are available, with pupil voice influencing what is on offer. There are many opportunities to take part in a range of competitions and pupils and staff are rightly proud of their success. The many opportunities have enabled the school to achieve the Platinum Schools Games Mark. The outdoor space is used creatively and has a range of different equipment. Active travel is encouraged at every opportunity through bike, scooter or pedestrian training and there is storage for bikes and scooters. The PE and Sports premium is used very effectively to ensure that the impact is sustainable. The daily mile is well established and ensures pupils are active outside of PE and break times. Pupils are encouraged to be active at home through the newly introduced ‘Burst’ app. Staff help children understand the importance of being active but also use physical activity as a further opportunity to embed the behaviour policy and the school values."

Sheryll Carter Healthy Schools Advisor Health and Wellbeing Services, Leeds City Council
06 December 2023


PE - Yearly Curriculum Map

Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Vocabulary documents

At Stanningley Primary School we have Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Vocabulary documents that can be found under support on our real PE (JASMINE) platform.

Each Fundamental Movement Skill has its own document to support you to teach highquality PE lessons and contains the following information:
• End of Key Stage 1 and 2 expectations for pupils aligned to the coloured challenges.
• Each skill broken down into small, progressive and achievable steps.
• Declarative knowledge aligned to the skill.
• Procedural knowledge, that is connected to the declarative knowledge, to support children so they have a clear understanding of how to ‘get better at PE’.
• Specific vocabulary, aligned to each skill, to support children’s understanding and participation.
Having this information readily available, will make it easier for you to share the declarative and procedural knowledge with your pupils, as well as the vocabulary that will help deepen their knowledge and understanding in PE lessons.

Our progression of skills, knowledge and vocabulary documents are available on request.  These include: